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The Winner’s Way to Plan a Fantastic Garage Sale

The Winner’s Way to Plan a Fantastic Garage Sale

Most people want to know ways to make a little extra profit every now and then. Other times, you might find yourself with a need to rearrange your life. If you want to organize your possessions, and make a little extra cash while you’re doing it, consider having a garage sale. To have a successful event, follow these simple ideas.

Every worthwhile garage sale begins with a good plan. The first thing to do is to put similar items together. People who like being at your garage sale will probably need a place to sit down and rest a bit, so some extra chairs will be a good idea. Tables are needed to show off your merchandise. Ask your friends or neighbors if they have extra. One thing you don’t need is people complaining because of having to reach down to look through piles and boxes of stuff.

Advertise. Try to advertise well ahead of your garage sale. The importance of flyers cannot be overstated. Place them wherever you can. Remember, the smaller businesses often have a community bulletin board where you can post information about your garage sale. Be sure to check with the management at nearby apartment complex; see if they will let you put flyers near the occupants’ mailboxes. Each flyer should have the key information needed to find your garage sale, including the address, day, date and time and address, and a hint at what you have for sale. If you can, make certain to give a rain date in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Decide on Prices. It is much easier in the long run to get this done well in advance. It is very disconcerting to have a crowd of people flood you with questions about prices because you don’t have the prices marked on your stuff. You might try using colorful tags so shoppers can immediately see the price for each item.

As a guiding principle, always try to make the sale. After all, the goal is to rid your home of this unnecessary stuff. During the day of the sale, make certain to lower the prices incrementally.

At the end of the day, consider lowering the prices to significantly lower levels to get everything out of there. Any items left over can be given to a charity. If you itemize, all your donations are tax deductible.

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