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Feng Shui Essential Rules

Monday, May 31st, 2010

You have likely heard of “Feng Shui.” But do you know what it’s about? Feng Shui is basically a body of guidelines for arranging the home environment, based on ancient principles, in which things flow together to create a more tranquil setting. You can use the following basic of this venerable body of art to get started on your own Feng Shui project in your home.

Clean out the Clutter

Actually, you don’t have to be doing Feng Shui to accomplish this first step, even without the others. This is done to “lighten the load” of the possessions in your environment and it’s probably the most essential part of the process. Throw away anything that you do not really need in your home. Then when you have done that, you will automatically feel refreshed and lighter.

Introduce More Light and Fresh Air

Whenever possible, open up the windows and let the fresh air enter in to encourage a good “energy.” Get plants that do their part to purify the air or purchase a good air purifier. And, just as vital, let the sunlight come in, too.

Know the Esoteric Elements of Feng Shui

Elements of Feng Shui such as wood, water and metal each have an optimal place in the home. For example if you want to increase your prosperity, put water and wood in the southeast corner of your room or home.

Identify and Orient According to the Ba Gua

This has to do with evaluating and optimizing the layout of the home with the Feng Shui compass. The word refers to eight diagrams (eight areas) which are used to optimize the location of elements of the room or home for maximum benefit to those who enter into the space. You can read up on it in various online sources, and many people find it to be a fascinating topic. By relating to Ba Gua, you’ll find how areas of your home are tied to specific areas of your life and what you experience.

Find out Your Feng Shui Birth Element and Create a Plan Around It

Your Birth Element requires a specific analysis, which is something you can do with various reference sources. For example, if you have fire as your Birth Element use lots of reds, purples, oranges and yellows to decorate your home. Generous use of wood would also be a complementary element to emphasize as it feeds fire, building upon the relationship between these elements.

Know Your Individual Kua Number

This lets you know which direction is the best way to position yourself in the room where you spend a lot of time for better tranquility. It will guide you in placing desk or favorite chair so you’re facing in your most auspicious direction.

Know How Your Home’s Energy Influences You

Pay special attention to your living room, your bedroom, and the kitchen to make sure the layouts in each of these areas are positive inputs to your comfort and prosperity. These three most important living spaces constitute the Feng Shui triangle.

Whether you think the effects of Feng Shui are genuine or imaginary, countless people over the years have used it as a way to improve their lives. After all, that first big step of getting all the clutter out of your home is important whether you use Feng Shui or not. After you get that done, it doesn’t require much more work to try different techniques to see how what happens.

Article made available courtesy of Automated Homefinder, the best Lafayette Colorado home location experts.

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